Greenage Energy is a leading renewable energy Service company, with a proven track record in Africa.

Our affordable energy solutions currently provide businesses, households, public institutions, health clinics and schools with reliable clean energy. Greenage’s experience covers inter-connected minigrids (IMGs), isolated minigrids, C&I, and PUE in weak and off-grid areas.

Our portfolio  includes:
• Energy Management and Audit
• Power Backup Systems
• Rural Electrification
• Solar street lighting
• Solar Powered Water Pumping
• Solar Powered cooling

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What we do

Greenage Energy is a leading renewable energy services company that specialises in providing innovative energy solutions for homes and businesses and government.

Greenage grows businesses, connects communities and helps people prosper through our industrial and commercial scale solar projects and the adoption of clean energy throughout the African continent .

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Why Use Our Services?

Since our establishment in 2010, Greenage Energy has become a leading supplier of solar systems in Africa.  We represent significant experience and engineering expertise in the field of solar PV in Africa. Our specialist team has a track record of solving problems with innovative thinking.


Energy Management and Audit

Energy audit is a crucial step for any project looking to improve its energy efficiency and reduce its environmental impact. By analyzing energy flows, We help clients identify areas for conservation and make data-driven decisions about implementing improvements.


Solar EPC

Greenage Energy provides a turnkey Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) service for solar PV systems. We design, procure and install small to large-scale residential, commercial, industrial and utility-sized solar PV systems


Rural Electrification

We set up Solar mini-grids to provide rural communities (Healthcare, homes and schools) with their independent power plant (IPP) electricity station with a minimum of 15KW generating capacity for inter-connected mini grids and isolated minigrids.


Off-grid solutions

Remote locations, weak grid supply, and reliance on diesel generally provide a business case for off-grid solutions. We use solar + PV to ensure the energy requirement is seamless with no interruption.


Technical & Support Services

We offer an unrivalled support service with local knowledge, our engineers handle aftersales and provide technical services to our customers



We work together with DFI, credit agencies, development banks and private developers to deliver practical and sustainable solutions in alignment with the capital market.

Harness the power of the Sun!

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