Greenage supplies a range of solar photovoltaic (solar pv) systems that can either stand-alone (off the grid), be connected to the grid (grid tie) or are a hybrid of both

Solar PV systems come in all shapes and sizes. Trying to understand how your system works and how its designed can be more complicated than solving a rubix cube. Greenage sales professionals will walk you through step by step.

  • We provide our customer’s with cost effective solutions by incorporating leading edge products. From concept to design, through to final commissioning and maintenance. Our solutions include:
  • Solar Energy Systems
  • Power Purchase Agreements
  • Fuel Displacement Solution
  • Grid Tie In Solution
  • Solar PV Anti-Theft
  • Solar Energy Systems

Growth of many production facilities is hamstrung by the amount of power that can be supplied by the grid, so being able to produce their own power is the key to growth.  Greenage offers a reliable solution that has been tested globally and has a proven field performance in many applications and environments. The system is also scalable so it allows for increased capacity as required and is an adaptable pure sine wave, single-phase and three-phase inverter system.

Solar Power Purchase Agreement

A Solar Power Purchase Agreement (SPPA) is a financial arrangement in which a third-party developer owns, operates, and maintains the photovoltaic (PV) system, and a host customer agrees to site the system on its roof or elsewhere on its property and purchases the system’s electric output from the solar services provider for a predetermined period. This financial arrangement allows the host customer to receive stable, and sometimes lower cost electricity, while the solar services provider or another party acquires valuable financial benefits such as tax credits and income generated from the sale of electricity to the host customer.

Fuel Displacement Technology

A  PV system complements the diesel Gen-Sets. It can supply additional energy when loads are high or relieve the Gen-Set to minimize its fuel consumption. In addition, excess energy could optionally be stored in batteries, making it possible for the hybrid system to use more solar power even at night. Intelligent management of various system components ensures optimal fuel economy and minimizes CO2 emissions.

On-Grid Solar Systems (Grid Tied)

On-Grid Systems are solar PV systems that only generate power when the power grid is available and interface with the grid to send excess power out when you are overproducing so you can bank it for later use.

Benefits: These are the simplest systems and the most cost effective to install.  These systems will pay for themselves by offsetting utility bills in 6-10 yrs.

Off-Grid Solar Systems

These systems allow you to store your solar power in batteries for use when the power grid goes down.  Additionally, they provide power to offset the grid power whenever the sun is shining and will even send excess power to the grid to bank if for later use.

Benefits: Provides power for your critical loads when the power grid is down.