Land Easement and Acquisition


Many hundreds of kilometres of pipeline, incomplete cadastral data, large numbers of landowners and other stakeholders, and numerous policies and regulations, are all factors which affect the planning, costs and successful delivery of a project. In more densely populated areas public opinion is another critical consideration.

Land acquisition can be complex, with issues around ownership of land and buildings, multiple landowners per plot, undefined boundaries and difficulties with assessing the property value. The project may require the displacement of a local population, or affect the livelihood of local households, communities and businesses.

These challenges call for a multidisciplinary approach which focuses on communication to aid societal embedding as much as technology. Our team of experts have experience in the whole life cycle and can help you resolve these challenges.

Green Age supports clients in finding innovative solutions for delivering successful projects, while respecting the environment and neighbouring communities.

We offer a wide range of services for land acquisition, following international best practice such as the performance requirements of the European Bank of Reconstruction and Development (EBRD). We deliver project management, develop information management solutions, help communication with landowners and manage key issues including temporary disruption of land use, population resettlements and related compensation mechanisms as well as grievance management. We can also advise on project compliance with international standards and managing health and safety risks during construction and site operation.