Low Cost Renewable Energy,  Anyway, Anytime

If you want complete energy independence and reduced energy costs then an off-grid solar power system is the answer. An off grid system generates solar power through solar panels so it is ideal for remote locations where there is no grid system.

Greenage Energy is a fully-staffed company dedicated to design, implementation, maintenance and monitoring of all PV solar systems, backup power systems and UPS systems designed to deliver solutions that perform beyond conventional expectation. The key services offered to ensure the optimal performance of your system as well as management of your current, and future, power needs are as follows:

  • Energy Audits
  • Greenage Energy uses a combination of sophisticated tools to gather preliminary data on your location, such as climate, irradiation levels and available roof or ground area; a site visit is then undertaken to gather specifics about the installation site. Our analysts also perform a comprehensive energy audit that ascertains your current energy consumption and power requirements, and will advise on best practice and energy efficient solutions in order to optimise your power consumption.Take the Next StepSite Assessments

    The site layout and construction can have a large impact on the performance of any system. Greenage Energy utilises its vast industry specific knowledge to analyses all the physical aspects of the site from what the ideal location of the PV panels would be up to the perfect locations for batteries and other sensitive equipment to ensure optimal performance as well as longevity. The site inspection is also critical in identifying the most cost effective solution. The input from the site inspection is used in the design phase that follows.

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    System Design

    Our team of business development experts and qualified engineers select the correct components from Sinetech’s product range, quality international brands with exceptional performance and matching warranties, to populate your system. Various configurations are taken into account to ensure that we arrive at a system that will guarantee performance for up to 30-years … and beyond. For most clients, a primary motivator for investing in solar is to realise financial savings as well as achieve great returns on their investments over the long term; however, savings can only be realised with a system that has been designed correctly, and continues to deliver well into – and even beyond – its 30 year life span.

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    System Installation

    Any system can utilise the best possible equipment and be design to achieve the greatest efficiency however all of this can potentially be for nothing if the system is not correctly and effectively installed. Greenage Energy has an in-house team of electricians and skilled laborers that perform the installation of your system under the expert eye of an experienced and qualified engineer. Click here to view a selection of recent installations.

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    System Commissioning

    Greenage Energy take great care and pride to ensure each and every step in delivering an efficient and effective system from the energy audit through to the commissioning is done correctly and professionally. The commissioning of a system is done in order to ensure the system is performing as per the agreed upon requirements and to validate the system design. In so doing you are secure in the knowledge that your system has been designed and installed by a qualified, reputable company and your commissioning certificates is more than simply a piece of paper – it is peace of mind.

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    PV Solar System Monitoring and Maintenance

    Information is power, and with this background Greenage Energy has developed the GreenZone, a user-friendly reporting portal to suit all your needs, providing you empirical data that depicts vital statistic such as savings, environmental benefits, faults etc. These are compared to predefined base lines to ensure that your system is performing optimally and providing you with the expected return. GreenZone services are available to clients of Greenage Energy as well as those with existing PV Solar Systems.

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