The global renewable energy industry is changing and developing with safe, low carbon, renewable energy generation now makes up a significant proportion of the energy mix in many parts of Europe.

We have been working at the forefront of the wind industry since its inception. We have over 30 years of experience supporting the design and construction of onshore wind projects across Europe and globally. In addition, we have over 15 years of experience supporting the development and realization of offshore wind farms from early near-shore projects to today’s ambitious multi-gigawatt projects in the wild North Sea. With a portfolio of over 11GW of renewable energy projects we have provided consultancy services to, we have an unrivaled store of expertise and experience to bring to projects.

GreenAge has expanded and shaped its global renewables team to handle the demands of this fast-paced industry. We bring together our wind farm consent, development, design and oversight reputation with our global network of offices and teams. We offer an unrivaled service covering a wealth of expertise, experience and technical skills coupled with local knowledge and reputation.

Working alongside developers, from site prospecting through to the operational phase, has equipped Green Age Africa with the knowledge to provide expert solutions for challenging issues including:

  • Project feasibility assessments
  • Development support including EIA and consent
  • FEED and targeted engineering studies
  • Survey design, procurement and quality assurance, including physical, met ocean and ecological
  • Stakeholder management and community engagement
  • Financial and financing advice
  • Technology assessment and advice

Our track record in supporting the renewable energy sector speaks:

  • Engineering design and construction oversight to over 500 onshore wind projects;
  • Offshore and onshore EIA and consent support for 4.8GW of the Dogger Bank
  • Offshore Windfarm projects, the largest capacity zone in the North Sea;
  • Providing a range environmental, consenting, technical and engineering services to Thanet Offshore Wind Farm for over 10 years; from inception to consent, then from construction to successful operation; andThe development and design refinement of long, onshore buried export cables associated with the Dudgeon, Dogger and East Anglia Zone Offshore Wind Projects.