What We Do


Green Age has a broad portfolio of service to assist our clients in delivering energy projects. Services include feasibility studies, planning services, permitting and consenting, regulatory compliance, transport planning requirements, delivering sustainable options, technical advice and due diligence, process engineering, procurement, contract management and engineering, procurement and construction.

Green energy comes from natural sources such as sunlight, wind, rain, tides, plants, algae and geothermal heat.

Renewable Energy Business Services

We provide business development techniques and engineering services for renewable energy in close cooperation with our clients.

Land Easement and Acquisition

We take out complexity from Land acquisition i.e multiple landowners, undefined boundaries and difficulties with assessing the property value.

Renewable Energy Technical Services

We offer an unrivalled service covering a wealth of expertise, experience and technical skills coupled with local knowledge and reputation Working alongside developers, from site prospecting through to the operational phase.

Clean Technology

We offer technical and compliance management services connected with Clean Technology. We have knowledge on emerging state-off-the-art technologies as well as new clean technologies and recovery technologies.

Permits and Licenses

We offer a very broad range of services related to permits and licences. We ensure your project complies with international and national laws, regulations and company guidelines.


We work together with financial institutions, credit agencies, development banks and private developers to deliver practical and sustainable solutions in alignment with capital market.